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School Meal Program is first of its kind program in Pakistan in which we are providing healthy & Nutritive Meals to the school students so that no child left behind in education due to hunger issues. This helps those parents are unable to provide them a meal which has Hygienic, Healthy and Nutritive ingredients required for a children’s growth.

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What is School Meal Program?

School going kids are an asset that we need to protect and nourish them at all costs. They are the future. School Meal Program has been the most ambitious project under the banner of Allah Walay Trust. The whole organization and all its resources were fully invested and excited when this was being planned and launched. To this date, we have been feeding 92,000 meals daily with healthy, nutritious & top-quality food in different schools of Lahore, Islamabad, Gilgit, Skardu, Chillas and Faisalabad. The menu is designed keeping in mind the needs of a growing body and mind and we made sure to infuse as much health and power into the meals. As mentioned, the passion behind the project was to promote education in Pakistan so that no child left education due to hunger issues.

Height and Weight Measurement (BMI) Camps

As part of our School Meal Program to prioritize the health and development of the young students, we organize BMI camps in different schools before starting School Khana Program and revise it after 6 to 8 months of Mid-day meals in school so that we can measure the improvement in overall attendance and health of students after starting of School Meal Program. These camps serve as a vital initiative where the height and weight of students are being checked, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their overall health. 

School Vision Program

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in their academics and good vision is a fundamental prerequisite for achieving this. Our School Vision Program was initiated with the core objective of promoting healthy vision among students, recognizing that it plays a pivotal role in their educational journey.

What we do

We understand that vision correction can be costly, and many families may not have the means to provide their children with the required eyeglasses. We organize eye camps in schools and check the eyesight of students and staff. In our commitment to removing financial barriers to better vision, we gift 1st free eyeglasses to all students and staff members identified with vision problems of their life.

Serving 2,392,000 meals in Students on Monthly Basis

Our School Meal program is serving 2,392,000 meals among students in Pakistan on monthly basis through our school feeding program. Last year, we fed 10 million students with healthy and nutritious meal which shows about 33% improvement in attendance and enrollment.

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How School Meal Fight with World Hunger Crisis?

In many impoverished areas, children often skip school to help their families with household chores or work for additional income. By providing free or subsidized meals at schools, families are encouraged to send their children to school regularly because they know they will receive nutritious meal. This, in turn, helps to increase school attendance and enrollment rates. Ensuring that children have access to regular meals at school makes them more likely to stay in school and complete their education.

How School Meal Fight with World Hunger Crisis

Extra Circular Activities

Despite of providing mid-day meals AWT also organize extra circular activities in schools through our volunteers in which students spend time with them. Allah Walay Trust also distribute Rashan on the occasion of Ramazan among Muslims, Christians on the occasion of Christmas and Qurbani Meat on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha among the students so that they can also enjoy the happiness of these festivals.


Increase Enrollment:- Different School Principals and Teachers shared their review that student’s enrollment has been significantly increased due to AWT’s School Khana Program. In CDGL Girls P/S, Guru Nank, 38% enrollment increased from 130 to 180 students within 40 Days. In Govt. Girls P/S SA Model Bahbhra, 31% enrollment increased.
Habitual absent students:- In our schools due to poverty many students were habitual absent and hesitate to attend classes. But due to Allah Walay Trust’s School Khana Program their started to come regularly and actively learning during the classes.
Students with empty stomach:- Due to having more siblings and less income in family, many students came to school with empty stomach. Allah Walay Trust’s meal helped them to fill their stomach, which leads to better focus on studies during classes and regular attendance.

Effects of School Meal Program

Improvement in Health
Increase School Attendance & Enrolment
Alleviate immediate Hunger
Alleviate immediate Hunger

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With your efforts we are feeding around 92,000 children on daily basis! Let’s Keep it up!

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