Clean Water

Access to clean water is essential for maintaining good health. Clean water helps prevent the spread of diseases and promotes overall well-being. It’s time to prioritize water conservation and take responsibility for our actions.

Clean Water


Beneficiaries in 2023
Clean Water Consumption

1.5M Liter

On daily basis
Current Working


Water Filtration Plants

60% & 100%

Population of Islamabad and Gilgit City Respectively

Why Clean water project started?

Water is vital for our survival, as well as for the functioning of ecosystems and various industries. However, factors like population growth, climate change and pollution are putting immense pressure on our water resources. By wasting water, we not only deplete this valuable resource but also harm the environment and exacerbate the water crisis. To Fulfill this gap Allah Walay Trust Started its Clean Water Program.

Why your actions are needed in supporting our Programs?

With clean and safe drinking water, we are transforming the lives of countless individuals and communities who previously struggled with waterborne diseases and contamination. Your contributions help improve the health and overall well-being of those in need, particularly in underprivileged areas, making a lasting impact on their lives.

Clean Water consumption Daily Basis

Through our clean water program, we are providing 2,500,000-liter clean water
through our water filtration plants in Islamabad and Gilgit on daily basis.

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Allah Walay Trust started clean water program in Islamabad because due to unsafe water most of the people were suffering from waterborne illnesses that’s why Allah Walay Trust overtook 41 water filtration plants in Islamabad. AWT is working on Operations and maintenance of these plants that covers 60% population of Islamabad. With your support, Allah Walay Trust can effectively address the global challenge of ensuring clean and accessible water for all.

Gilgit Baltistan

Allah Walay Trust (AWT) initiated a clean water program in Gilgit City due to the prevalence of unsafe water, leading to waterborne illnesses among the local population. AWT has taken on the responsibility of managing 36 water filtration plants with the coordination of Gilgit Government in Gilgit City. The focus of their efforts is on the operations and maintenance of these plants, aiming to cover the entire population of Gilgit City, which is a significant and commendable initiative.

Effect on Environment

Drinking and Hydration
Cleaning Food
Stops Water Born Illness

Thank you!

With your efforts and contribution, we are on a
mission to provide clean water access to every person.
Let’s keep it up!

Donation Form

Help us provide clean and safe drinking water to communities in need. Your donation today can make a world of difference in ensuring a brighter and healthier future through our Water Filtration Plants.

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Bank Details for Offline Donation

Dubai Islamic Bank
A/C Title: Allah Walay (Trust)
A/C# 0214898001
IBAN# PK89DUIB0000000214898001
Address: # Ayesha Heights, 54, Block 1 – Main Peco Road, Township, Lahore

Meezan Bank (Zakat Account)
Account No: 0243-0107624433
IBAN No: PK40MEZN0002430107624433

Meezan Bank (Khair/ General)
Account No: 0243-0107229048

Easy Paisa Account
Name: Umar Saeed
Mobile: 0309-4441901

After making an offline donation toward any cause, follow these steps

1. Take a screenshot of the transaction that you have made through the banking app.
2. Send it to or WhatsApp at +923003383383
3. Our representative will provide you with a donation receipt.
4. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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