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Orphans are the most marginalized group in our society. One can only understand the pain and emotional distress of these youngsters, who are at the mercy of the state or humanitarian organizations because of unfavorable circumstances. Allah Walay Trust took over the responsibility of Pakistan Sweet Home Pakistan Baitul Maal, Lahore under Public Private Partnership. An institution where orphans who have lost their parents and provide them not only with food and shelter but also with education and training so that they can build their lives, polish their abilities and play a significant role in the society.

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Our mission

We are on a mission to provide a brighter and more promising future to vulnerable orphans by nurturing them with love, care and the tools they need to become skilled and productive members of society. Our orphan house project stands as a beacon of hope, where we strive to create a homely atmosphere for deprived orphans and equip them with the essential resources required for their holistic development.

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Our Aim

we believe that every child deserves a chance to thrive and succeed in life. We aim to create a better future for these deserving orphans, enabling them to become not only self-sufficient but also contributing members of society.

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Dubai Islamic Bank
A/C Title: Allah Walay (Trust)
A/C# 0214898001
IBAN# PK89DUIB0000000214898001
Address: # Ayesha Heights, 54, Block 1 – Main Peco Road, Township, Lahore

Meezan Bank (Zakat Account)
Account No: 0243-0107624433
IBAN No: PK40MEZN0002430107624433

Meezan Bank (Khair/ General)
Account No: 0243-0107229048

Easy Paisa Account
Name: Umar Saeed
Mobile: 0309-4441901

After making an offline donation toward any cause, follow these steps

1. Take a screenshot of the transaction that you have made through the banking app.
2. Send it to info@allahwalaytrust.org.pk or WhatsApp at +923003383383
3. Our representative will provide you with a donation receipt.
4. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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Transformation into Skilled and Useful Citizens!

Our primary objective is to offer the best boarding, lodging and educational facilities to vulnerable orphans. We aim to empower them with the knowledge and skills necessary to transform into skillful and useful citizens, ultimately becoming role models and contributors to society.

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Quality Education and Healthcare!

We are committed to providing quality education and healthcare services to the deprived orphans under our care. Every child deserves access to a bright future, and we are dedicated to ensuring they receive the necessary education and healthcare support.

Homely Atmosphere

Our orphan house is designed to be more than just a shelter. We create a loving and homely atmosphere where children can feel safe, secure, and loved. We understand the importance of emotional support and strive to provide a family-like environment.

Join Hands!

Join us in making a difference in these young lives. Your support can change their destinies & bring hope, love & opportunities to their doorsteps. Together, we can transform lives & build brighter futures for these orphaned children.

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