Allah Walay Trust initiated its “Maamta Program” as an outreach project to address Maternal Anemia, Acute Malnutrition, Treatment and Awareness. The goal is to prevent stunting in children by directing their focus from conception to the first 1000 days of life.

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Why MAAMTA Program Started?

According to National Nutritional Survey of Pakistan conducted in 2018, 40.2% children under 5-years of age are stunted in Pakistan. Allah Walay Trust first established its outreach program in 2020 at Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore. To test the effectiveness of the program an initial sample of patients diagnosed with Anemia in pregnancy was selected. Ensuring appropriate prenatal care resulted in delivery of 96% babies with a birth weight >2.5kg. 78% babies delivered had a birthweight >3.0kg with an average maternal Hemoglobin being 10.5-11.0g/dl post-delivery.

Community Based Nutrition Initiative

The MAAMTA Program is a community-based nutrition initiative that focuses on tackling maternal anemia and acute malnutrition, with a specific emphasis on addressing stunting in children under the age of 5. Operational projects of MAAMTA are as follows. 

  • Mother and Child Nutrition Project
  • Child Feeding Project

Statistics of MAAMTA Program

Our Contribution

Stunting in children can result from chronic malnutrition, insufficient nutrient intake, poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy, and limited access to essential healthcare facilities. The Allah Walay Trust is actively addressing this issue by supporting pregnant women in the following hospitals.


  • Lady Aitchison Hospital
  • Al-Mustafa Maternity & General Hospital
  • Jinnah Hospital Lahore
  • Lady Willingdon Hospital
  • Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Filter Clinic Rawalpindi
  • Benazir Bhutto Hospital
  • Lahore General Hospital
  • The Children’s Hospital

Mother and Child Nutrition Project

What role MAAMTA program plays before birth?

The first operational phase is the Prenatal Stage (before birth) where the primary focus is the overall health, nutrition and supplementation of Anemic pregnant women. Intervention is done in the form of counselling, prenatal vitamin and supplement provision, regular follow-up, facilitation during hospital visits, home visits and data maintenance. The goal of interventions is to reduce chances of delivering a Low-birth-weight baby and improving pregnancy outcomes. The expected outcome is overall improvement in mother and child health and nutritional practices.

What role MAAMTA program plays before birth

What role MAAMTA program plays from Birth to 6 months?

The second phase focuses on mother and child health from Birth to 6 months of life. Optimal maintenance of maternal health with healthy dietary practices and postnatal supplementation when required is essential. This will allow mother to ensure ideal breastfeeding practice. Intervention is done in the form of informational guide regarding Breast feeding, early child hood diseases, vaccination schedule and infant nutritional requirements, counselling, postnatal vitamin and supplement provision, regular follow-up of both mother and child, monitoring via anthropometric measurements, home visits and data maintenance. The expected outcome for mother is to be healthy enough to ensure exclusive breast feeding for 6 months of life and the expected outcome for child is to maintain optimum health and nutritional status.

What role MAAMTA program plays in 6 months to 1000 days?

The third phase focuses on child Health and Nutrition from 6 months to 1000 days of life. Intervention is done in the form of increasing maternal awareness about child nutritional requirement, early weaning and complementary food, monitoring child health via anthropometric measurements by ensuring regular follow up, child multivitamin and nutritional supplements, utilization of RUTF (Ready to use Therapeutic Food), ensures vaccination, home visits and data maintenance.

Child Feeding Project

Empowering the journey to health for moderately and severely acute malnourished children in our Child Feeding Program. Through the provision of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), we aim to restore vitality and well-being, fostering a brighter and healthier future for each child enrolled. Together, let’s nourish their potential and break the cycle of malnutrition.

Importance of RUTF

Ready-to-use therapeutic foods are compact 92g sachets containing 500 calories, equivalent to a complete meal, and packed with vital micro and macronutrients for addressing acute malnutrition. RUTF offers a convenient, effective, and scalable solution for providing essential nutrients to those in need especially in emergency and resource-constrained settings.

Child Feeding Project
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